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Guanacaste - Costa Rica

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Get ready for your holiday in Costa Rica! 

Hotel Casa del Mar suggests you read the following simple information. We hope you will find it useful to plan your holiday in Costa Rica.


What to Wear
Costa Rica is a very informal country, with a casual

life-style. Bring your shorts, t-shirts, loose fitting cotton pants and light long sleeve shirts, comfortable tennis shoes or deck shoes, sunglasses, and a cap to protect your head from the tropical sun. Leave your jewelry and expensive watches at home as you won't be needing them. An inexpensive watch that is suitable for diving and sport activities is best if you must have a watch.


Weather in Samara
Sámara has two seasons, the dry

from November to April and rainy season, from May to October. Don't be afraid of the rainy season, generally mornings are sunny and the rain starts only in the late afternoon or evening. Temperature is between 25 - 35 degrees throughout the year.


What to Bring
Passport, visa (if applicable), sun screen, sun burn cream, insect repellant, camera/film/batteries, more film, video camera, binoculars, personal items, sunglasses, snorkeling gear, light rain cover, flash light.


Medical Attention
3 doctors
and 2 pharmacies in downtown Samara.

In Nicoya, 37 kilometers from Samara, there is a hospital.  

We have already mentioned insect repellent. It is a smart idea to bring some anti-histamines in case of a strong reaction to an insect bite, and anti-itch cream to stay sane and a topical steroid cream for those few who really react. We are not trying to discourage you – being prepared and staying comfortable is smart!


Drinking water is safe and tastes good!


110 volts.


Lines of Communication
Please do leave our phone number, fax number

and e-mail address with your people at home in case of an emergency.


Money and Currency
We suggest you travel with US$ bills and Traveler Checks. The Costa Rican Currency is called Colon - ¢ 550 approx. per US$ 1. The most widely accepted credit card in Costa Rica is VISA y MasterCard.

Official Language of Costa Rica
Spanish is the official language.

Hotel Casa del Mar Sámara Beach, Guanacaste - Costa Rica

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